The Most Common Reasons Clients Dont See Results

I have worked with hundreds of clients and have chatted with thousands of people who struggle with not seeing the results they want. 

So I have been able to pinpoint the most common reasons that keep someone from seeing the results they want.

My job as a coach is to figure out what my clients want and then figure out how to make it work with their specific lifestyle.

This is always 50/50. Meaning if a client doesn’t see results, it isn’t just on them, it’s on me as well.

If a client isn’t seeing results as they would like, I take it as my responsibility to figure out why.

Sometimes I want to just blame the client, but that isn’t the right approach, it’s 100% on me as well.

Anytime a client doesn’t reach their goal, it hurts. But I try to learn from it as much as possible so I can continue to refine my tools as a coach.

In saying that, here are some common trends among clients who dont see results so that you can make sure you dont make the same mistakes. 

➡️Poor environment 

Your environment plays a massive role, and it often goes unnoticed.

If the client is constantly around those who aren’t supportive of their goals or hangs around those who don’t live a healthy lifestyle, it’s tough for them to make long-lasting changes.

You can only say no so much before it becomes too draining. 

You dont have to completely break things off with close friends and loved ones who dont live a healthy lifestyle as you want, but maybe be more selective on when you hang with them or be more selective on what you do with them. 

You can also build more relationships with people who enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. That way you will strike a good balance. 

If your environment at home isn’t conducive to your goals then talk to the people you live with about how this is important to you in a way that doesnt bring them down. 

➡️No consistency

This client just cannot get consistent no matter what.

Something always comes up whether that be a crazy life event, injury, vacation, illness etc. 

Just when you think they finally are getting consistent something new comes up.

There are things that happen to us and you have to work around them, but if something comes up every week you need to evaluate things in your life. 

Can you plan better? Can you make better choices overall? 

I think this comes down to being reactive to everything you do in life. 

➡️Changing goals constantly

This client wants to build muscle for a little, then they want to work on strength, then they want to cut, then they want to build, etc. 

If you really dont like something then you do need to reconsider doing it and changing goals. 

However, if you find yourself changing goals constantly you will never see any of them through and you won’t see results. 

➡️Lack of patience 

This client wants results yesterday. For everything they do they want to have immediate payoffs. 

If the scale doesnt go down every single day they start to worry about that, if they dont progress their workouts every session they worry about that. 

You end up making too many changes too often.

When you end up changing goals or are looking for new things, you end up lacking the consistency that is needed to see results.

You have to be patient. Now, this doesnt mean you dont ever make changes, but you can’t make changes over every little thing that happens. 

➡️ Thinking they don’t have time

I fall into this trap too where I feel like I dont have the time to get things done, and because of that, I end up doing less than what I am capable of. 

But sometimes it’s ok to have a lot going on and feel a bit overwhelmed, that’s when you grow the most.

There are going to be times when you’d rather have less going on and where you can just sit on the couch and relax. And there are times when you should do that. But if you do that too often you will hurt your progress. 

You need to feel somewhat uncomfortable if you want to grow. 

➡️Not planning ahead 

This client sort of just lets things happen to them, they are reactive to everything in their life like I mentioned earlier. 

Eventually, these things add up and fitness/nutrition has to get put lower on the priority list and you end up missing sessions and lack adherence to your nutrition plan. 

If you want to take that next level with your training/nutrition then you MUST learn to plan ahead and not be reactive to everything in your life. 

➡️Spiraling out of control when something goes wrong

Another reason that has kept clients from seeing results is letting one mishap turn into further mishaps.

One poor meal turns into an entire day, an entire day turns into a weekend, a weekend turns into a week, and so forth.

You have to be ok with failing, learning from it, and then simply moving on.

Have that next play mentality.

You aren’t going to be perfect 24/7. You are going to mess up at times.


I hope this helps you evaluate how you are going about your goals so you can see the results you want. 

If you need more help/accountability with your training/nutrition that is exactly what we do with my 1:1 online coaching program. Check it out HERE if you are interested.

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