How My Journey Started

I’ve gone from fad diets, tracking calories and macros to now having a sustainable nutrition strategy for myself. I even went through a phase where I gained a lot of weight, both muscle and unwanted fat, in my quest to bulk up during college. And probably lead to some unhealthy habits for a period of time.

After graduating in 2013, I took a managerial role at a local gym chain. It was rewarding, but something was missing ( I would sign people up and they would be excited about making a change, which got me excited, but then I would never see them again— and I wanted to make a real impact on these peoples lives. That’s when I decided to become a personal trainer in 2016.

I sought out a local trainer to help me get on a structured program and learn more about training clients, researched evidence-based fitness content online, and started listening to podcasts, al while studying for my personal trainer certification.

My Passion continued to grow

Throughout all of this, it took a lot of trial and error, but eventually, I learned the importance of structured training and evidence-based nutrition, and a strategy that works for me and my lifestyle/habits.

These educational pursuits put me on a sustainable path to muscle growth and a better body composition.

Since Then I've

These educational pursuits put me on a sustainable path to muscle growth and a better body composition for myself, everyone who I coach, and who consumes my content.

My Transformation




Random Things About Me

Engaged to my fiance Alli.

I’m a die-hard hockey and St. Louis Blues fan.

I love coffee, hiking, and travel

Why Work With Me

I’m not just a coach; I’m a lifelong student of all things fitness, muscle growth, overall health, performance and nutrition. I consume multiple research reviews on training and nutrititon related content, and have a thirst for knowledge in all of these areas.

“My mission is to provide personalized, science-backed fitness and nutrition coaching that focuses on achievable and sustainable results. I aim to educate and inspire my clients to make informed choices, helping them break through barriers and redefine their limits. Together, we build not just muscle and lose body fat, but also build the confidence and knowledge to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.”

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