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Episode 264: Brandon DaCruz & Jeremiah Bair- Benefits of Movement, Nutrition Periodization, and More. The Mind Muscle Connection

Apply for 1 on 1 online coaching HERETo get more details click HEREEmail list HEREToday I am joined by Brandon DaCruz and Jeremiah Bair.  We took questions from Instagram followers and answered them.We discussed:-(0:45) Benefits of movement. -(6:45) Downsides of too much movement. -(22:10) Update on Jeremiah (training, nutrition, business). -(36:36) Update on Brandons training/nutrition. -(49:40) Update on Jeffs training/nutrition (nutrition periodization talk). Follow Brandon on IG: https://www.instagram.com/brandondacruz_/?hl=enCheck out Brandon's website: https://www.brandondacruzfit.com/Email Brandon: bdacruzfitness@gmail.comInstagram: @jeremiahbairWebsite: https://www.bairfit.com/Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/living-lean/id14880156
  1. Episode 264: Brandon DaCruz & Jeremiah Bair- Benefits of Movement, Nutrition Periodization, and More.
  2. Episode 263: Q&A- Building Muscle in a Cut, How to Manage a Day Where Youre Super Hungry, Can You Lose Fat at Maintenance
  3. Episode 262: JH Maintenance Phase Laws
  4. Episode 261: Laurin Conlin- Leg Training Mistakes Women Make, Is a Calorie Surplus Needed?
  5. Episode 260: Q&A- Eat If You Arent Hungry, How Long Should Maintenance Phases Be, How To Mentally Push Through a Building Phase.
  6. Episode 259: JH Body Recomp Laws
  7. Episode 258: Dr. Eric Helms- Pre, Intra, and Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth.
  8. Episode 257: Q&A- Training Volume For Muscle Growth, Changing Training During a Cut, Sleep Loss.
  9. Episode 256: JH Fat Loss Laws
  10. Episode 255: Greg Potter- Creatine and Sleep Loss, Chrononutrition/Time Restricted Eating.

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