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Episode 44: Jason Helmes- Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight On Your Diet And How to Fix Them The Mind Muscle Connection

In this episode, I'm joined by Jason Helmes, for the second time.  Jason is the owner/founder of Anyman Fitness. In this episode we discuss: -What Jason has been up to. -His outlook for his 40s. -Two different types of people during COVID.-His thoughts on getting back into the gym. -How COVID made us more sedentary. -Reasons you aren’t losing weight on your diet and how to fix them.-His main takeaway from this conversation. How to find Jason:Website:  http://anymanfitness.com/Twitter:  @anymanfitness
  1. Episode 44: Jason Helmes- Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight On Your Diet And How to Fix Them
  2. Episode 43: Q & A- How to Avoid Being Skinny Fat, Coming Back After Surgery, When To Add/Decrease Sets.
  3. Episode 42: Aaron Jeffery- Nutrition Considerations for the Fight Athlete
  4. Episode 41: Q&A- Fast or Slow Weight Loss, Increase Calories on Workout Days, Too Much Protein At One Meal?
  5. Episode 40: Jonathan Goodman- Online Personal Training and the Future of the Fitness Industry.
  6. Episode 39: Powerbuilding 101, How to Lower Injury Risk When Lifting.
  7. Episode 38: Jon Vlahogiannakos- Practical Applications for Weight Loss
  8. Episode 37: Q & A- Training Principles for Building Muscle, Chicken or Protein Shake After Workout, How to Stop Overthinking.
  9. Episode 36: Martin Refalo- What Are The Best Rep Ranges For Strength And Building Muscle?
  10. Episode 35: Q & A- How to Grow Your Arms, Tracking Only During the Week, Bulking Mindset Myths.

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