About Me

I’m Jeff Hoehn, owner of JH Health & Fitness. Wherever you’re at with your fitness journey right now, I’ve been there at some point.

I’ve gained 30 pounds trying to build muscle and change my scrawny body.  I’ve lost 20 pounds after taking things too far, in a good way, and unfortunately a bad way as well.

I’ve competed in two bodybuilding shows, have done multiple weight gain phases and multiple weight loss phases. I once followed keto, IIFYM, intermittent fasting, paleo, and every other fad diet. I’ve spent months rehabbing a shoulder injury. I’ve used countless training protocols, some worked, and some didn’t.

Though the insane training regimes, and weight loss and gain – it has given me a unique perspective as a coach.

No matter your goal – not only have I coached others through it – I’ve been there. Now I’m here to help you avoid the mistakes I made, and live life as a leaner, stronger, and more confident version of yourself.

Check out some clients’ results or my  1 on 1 online coaching.

Some random facts about me:

  • I have competed in two bodybuilding shows.
  • I am a die hard hockey and St. Louis Blues fan.
  • Love coffee.
  • Played baseball and hockey (played college roller hockey, who knew they had college roller hockey teams?).
  • Currently pursuing my master’s in human performance and nutrition.
  • I am obsessed with learning how to build muscle and lose body fat.

My goal is to educate people on how to become a leaner, stronger, and more confident version of yourself through online platforms such as my blog, podcast, and social media.

Instagram: @Jeffh91_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.hoehn.7

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