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How I went from these pictures:


To these pictures:


Me Abs

Me front double

Me side relaxed

Believe it or not I was working out regularly and pushing myself during the time both of the first pictures were taken.

On the left (2011) I was working out to put on size, I would go to the gym 6 times per week. But I didnt have the physique I wanted. So I figured I had to eat to get big.

On the right (2014), after finally gaining weight, I had put on the size I was wanting, but as you can tell I wasn’t lean at all. I was on what you would call the “seefood” diet. This is where you eat whatever you want.

A few more years went on like this, working out and seeing some progress. But I knew there was more.

Especially for all of the time I was putting into my workouts.

I was lifting heavy, just like you’re supposed to.

Finally, one day I was lifting and I injured my left shoulder. I could never figure out what happened, but it kept me from being able to push myself for a few months.

Once that shoulder started to finally feel better, I injured my right shoulder playing hockey.

I was frustrated, but I kept trying to push through, even though whatever I was doing clearly was NOT working.

I was sick of working hard and not seeing the results, and worse of all ending up injured and unable to do the one thing that relieved my stress.

So finally I decided to go all in and learn the ins and outs and make it my life mission to learn how to build muscle and lose body fat.

What I learned was unbelievable. I wasn’t missing out on gains from a lack of hard work I just was not focused on the right things. This led to me spinning my wheels.

Taking the time to really learn the ins and outs of building muscle has led to:

My new life mission of coaching hundreds of clients to build muscle and lose body fat. (See some of their results here)

I have since competed in two bodybuilding competitions and have aspirations of continuing to compete for my pro card in natural bodybuilding.

Here I am winning my novice class in the classic physique category (2018).

Since making it my life mission to learn the ins and outs of building muscle/losing body fat and helping others accomplish this I have received certifications such as:

CSCS, Precision Nutrition, and NASM CPT, while attending various continuing education seminars around the U.S.

I am also in the process of pursuing my masters degree in Human Performance and Nutrition with the end goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Nov. 2017.


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If you are interested in working with me then check out the online coaching page here     or if you just want more information check out my blog here OR

Instagram: @Jeffh91_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.hoehn.7

Free Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shreddedforlife/

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