What is Body Recomposition and how to do it

Learn my Methods for delivering transformations in this no cost training

Body Recomp Training 2.0

Have you tried to diet multiple times and have not seen results?

Are you unhappy with how you look when you diet down?

Have you lost weight and then keep gaining it back?

If so, this FREE video is for you.

Learn the exact process I follow to create results for my clients. You will walk away with a step-by-step system for a body recomp so that you wont have to continue putting in hours of hard work while still not seeing the results you should be.

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December 19, 2023
5:00pm Central Time

What I covered:​ ​

  1. Common problems when trying to change your body
  2. What is a body recomp approach
  3. Benefits of a body recomp approach
  4. The two types of body recomp
  5. The 5 pillars of a body recomp (how to)
  6. Example training week set up
  7. Example periodization plans
  8. Case study examples

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