1 on 1 Online Coaching

I help people who are stuck (and tried everything) to finally get lean, strong, & confident.


I offer a 60-minute online coaching strategy call where we discuss your current workout routine and nutrition, where you want to be, and how we can implement that.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/oJxyd8YzJVhzDAKX8



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” When I initially started, I was apprehensive about having to cut tons of calories out, change diet completely, add in tons of cardio, etc. While my diet has changed for the better, it does not feel like i’m restricting myself. It has been a slow progression into all the changes i’ve made from diet, to sleep, to training. I realize now that all of these things are about progressing into better habits vs changing everything all at once. You’ve definitely helped me appreciate that this is a process.

Down roughly 30lb (230 to 200ish, which was my heaviest weight ever) and about as strong as I’ve ever been. I can confidently say I’ve gone from the worst shape I’ve been in Nov 2017 to the best shape.”

Ryan L. Online Coaching Client


My ideal client is male or female 25-45 looking to lean out, build muscle, to finally achieve the body they have always desired.


❌ How many of you feel like you have to eat less and spend countless hours in the gym to get results?

✅ What if instead, you could eat the foods you love and spend less time in the gym?

There are no shortcuts to success, but with the right plan you can eliminate a lot of obstacles and optimize your progress without wasting time and best of all enjoy yourself.

😭 You don’t need pain to make progress.
🤢 You don’t need a strict diet.
🥵 You don’t need to slave away at the gym.

My goal is to apply the latest science of building muscle and losing body fat to make it enjoyable and practical for whatever your lifestyle permits.

Most JH Health&Fitness clients just want to:

-Look better in clothes. Think better fitting jeans, or tighter shirts up top but looser in the mid-section.

-Look better for their upcoming vacation so they can wear their bikini or trunks with extra confidence.

-Look better for their upcoming wedding.

-Have a much tighter/fit body overall.

-Feel strong and like a badass in the gym.

That confidence in the gym and with your appearance transfers over into all aspects of life. Think relationships, work, regular day to day activities etc.

No fads or gimmicks. Just hard work.

Bill Pic 3 (1)Billy Pic One (2)Billy Pic 2 (2)” The online coaching definitely has gotten me out of my “funk” I was in with my workouts and kept me accountable, even when I don’t want to get to the gym. I have leaned out while adding muscle mass on as well as a notable increase in strength and mobility.”

Billy R. Online Coaching Client

Online Coaching Client Luke W. preparing for his wedding in July of 2020. Results still ongoing.

JH Health&Fitness Online Coaching Benefits:

Customized training and nutrition program to help you lose body fat while building muscle so you can finally have that lean body you have always wanted.

Multiple check-ins per week (on an as need basis, but at least 2 check-ins per week) to make sure you are on track to losing 10-15lbs and 2-4 inches off your waist while building muscle.

Weekly game plan outlines the most important tasks at hand for the week, so you can keep the important things, the important things. No more guesswork on what you need to do each week.

Access to the Client-only Facebook group. So you can have extra support and accountability from all other JH Health & Fitness clients worldwide.

Access to online training platform TrueCoach (over hundreds of demo videos included). No more random notebooks or excel sheets, just an app that keeps everything organized for you.

“I was weary of how an online coach would be, but it’s way better than I thought. You give good advice for in and out of the weight room. You helped me get motivated to get into the gym and help me stay on track. Even when I miss or mess up I get right back into it. It’s hard for me with my travel but you’re very accommodating. Since training I noticed:

– Definite strength gain

– More positive attitude about the gym

– Knowing my body better”

Brett M. Online Coaching Client

Bryant Front

Bryant 2
Bryant C. – Online Coaching Client

Set up your free 60-minute strategy call here: https://forms.gle/oJxyd8YzJVhzDAKX8




Q: What kind of exercise equipment will I need to start?

A: Full gym access is optimal. However we can make at home set-ups, or bodyweight routines work. We will make anything work.

Q: How long will the workouts take?

A: You will have your choice of training 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days per week. The workouts take about 45-75 minutes to complete

Q: Will I have to do any cardio?

A: Not unless you want to! Our system is specifically designed to allow you to lose weight with minimal hunger, and without the need to do any cardio work whatsoever.

Q: I don’t know how to count macros – is that a problem?

A: Not at all. Macro counting is a skill, like anything else. Your coaching will be based your strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle. Most clients start with learning simple eating habits.

Q: Are there any foods I have to eat? Or foods I cannot eat?

A: Nope. There are literally zero foods on our “do not eat” list. Diets should be enjoyable and there should be no “do not eat foods.” We will show you how to eat the foods you love and still make progress.

Q: Can I still drink alcohol?

A: Yes. BUT Alcohol is something that will slow down any progress you will be making. Alcohol is not advised, however, everything in moderation (think 1-2 times per week). Overconsumption will be shooting yourself in the foot and making it tougher to reach your goals.

Q: I have a lot of weight to lose. Will this still work for me?

A: Totally. You put in the work, you will get the results – period.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: It depends how much you are willing to put in. If you put in 100%, you will no doubt start to see results right away. But most people see an average of 10 pounds and 2-4 inches off their waist in 12 weeks.

Q: How much will I have to spend on supplements?

A: Zero. Not any amount of money will have to go towards supplements, however, you can take them on your own if you want to. I am here to teach you how to do this the right way.


” Before starting with you I had reservations on me committing to a routine that I may not be able to keep.

I like the exercise mix, and since training I am stronger, sleep better, my body feels better overall, have not been sick in 2 years, and notice my shoulders and arms getting muscular “

Chris H. Online Coaching Client

Sara (1)

“I didn’t think I would be held accountable without seeing you face to face each week. Turns out I was completely wrong. I haven’t missed 1 workout since!

I love the feedback on the specific exercises. Your check-ins explain what I need to get done so I can plan my week ahead but still be on my own schedule.

Since I started online coaching I am more accountable, more consistent, improved eating habits, and improved my sleep.”

Sara B. Online Client

What about you? Are you a busy guy or gal who wants to get in shape, have energy and feel great again? Are you feeling overwhelmed and have no time and don’t know where to start?

I would love to show you how to do this too just like everyone above! I offer FREE 30 minute consults and we can talk about your struggles and goals and see how to get you rolling in the right direction.

If interested in online coaching:

Set up your free 60-minute strategy call here: https://forms.gle/oJxyd8YzJVhzDAKX8


My ideal client is 25-45 looking to lose lean out, build muscle, and get confident in the process.

Online Coaching is for you if:

You have at least 6 months of resistance training history.
Have at least 3 hours a week to workout.
Want to learn how to improve workouts and make it a lifestyle change, not just a 3 month change.
Must be self motivated to get to the gym, as you will not have someone to meet.
Proficient with a computer or cellphone.
Willing to invest 100% in their health and fitness.

Online Coaching is NOT for you if:

X You need someone to be there while you workout and just talk to.
X You do not have at least 3 hours a week to workout
X You have never done any type of resistance training. (While we have the tools to improve form, it is NOT safe to start with an online trainer)
X You are uncomfortable uploading videos of some of your workout.

X You are not 100% committed to building muscle and leaning out. 












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