Do You Put Too Much Emphasis On The Scale? Then Read This

The biggest mistake made in a body transformation that causes people to go off track and not stick with something is an overemphasis on what the scale says.

The scale takes into account your total body weight.

Not what that weight is made up of.

But what that weight is made up of makes a massive difference in your look and how you feel.

Who cares what you weighed 5-10 years ago. You had little to no muscle and it’s irrelevant now.

You’re going for a look, not a number right?

If you woke up feeling and looking your best would you care what number gets spit out at you?

The scale is useful for longer trends. Not short-term fluctuations.

For example, dont worry about day-to-day changes. With online clients we have them take their average for the week, then compare those averages for the week over time.

The scale also just takes into consideration your entire body weight.

This means things like:

  • Water
  • Muscle
  • Body fat
  • And everything else thats inside your body.

What it doesnt tell you is how much body fat or muscle you have.

But this is the most essential part of it, more muscle = a better overall look even if your scale is a bit higher.

If you have been lifting weights and eating better, but your weight hasn’t changed much, you likely have an improved look because you have more muscle.

But the scale won’t show you that.

My client Jack is a good example of this.

caption for image

He is 165lbs in both pictures.

But one he clearly has more muscle. The scale wouldn’t have told him that though.

What Jack did:

  • Lifted consistently for 2 years 3-4x per week with progressive overload.
  • Ate higher protein.
  • Ate to fuel his running and lifting instead of depleting himself to lean out.
  • Focused on improving stress management and sleep to help with recovery from training.

If you are ready to stop stressing over the scale once and for all then apply for my 1:1 online coaching program HERE. You can learn more about it HERE.

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