The clients on this page have all put in hard work. Every single one of these clients have been apart of JH Health & Fitness, LLC.

I hope these pictures are as inspirational to you as they are to me.

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Celeste, 21
“Before we started working out together I had zero balance in my life. I was either all in or completely off the rails with my nutrition/ workouts. After training with you I have found a healthy balance. I can enjoy myself and I am living a healthy lifestyle in the process.” Celeste, 21



Ryan Front


Ryan Progress side
Ryan, 36 Father of 2, continues to lean out while building muscle. Down from 230 to 210.
Sara (1)
Sara B, 31 – Small business owner  “Since I started coaching I am more accountable, more consistent, improved eating habits, and improved my sleep.”


Paige testimonial
Paige, 22. She is a full-time student.      Here is what she has accomplished since training:                          -Consistency of workouts during school -Better stress management (due to consistency working out) -Better overall mental health -Lost about 7-8 pounds total since starting according to the scale -Feel better overall; clothes fit better


Billy Pic One (1)

Billy Pic 2 (1)
Billy, 30. You definitely have gotten me out of my “funk” I was in with my workouts and I have leaned out while adding muscle mass on.”


Bryant Front
Bryant, 29. Traveled for work throughout, yet he still made great progress. Just stayed committed and consistent.


Deanna (1)IMG-2921 (1)


Ginny test
Ginny M.- Online Coaching Client



Online Coaching Client Luke W.
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