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Episode 343: My Hierarchy For A Body Recomp The Mind Muscle Connection

Welcome to the Mind Muscle Connection Podcast!Are you eager to achieve a successful body recomp and witness remarkable improvements? You're in the right place! In this solo episode, I've laid out my Hierarchy for Body Recomp, which dissects the essential aspects to assist you in determining what can be most impactful in attaining your goals. From prioritizing weight training and optimizing protein intake to understanding the significance of sleep, energy balance, cardio training, and supplements – this episode will be your guide!Let’s talk about:IntroductionMy Hierarchy for a Body Recomp #1 Weight training#2 Protein intake#3 Sleep#4 Energy balance#5 Cardio training#6 SupplementsConclusionFollow me on Instagram for more information and education:  jeffhoehn_Coaching application: HEREBody Recomp Masterclass: HERECoaching Consultation: HEREReference for the studies: HERE
  1. Episode 343: My Hierarchy For A Body Recomp
  2. Episode 342: Bryan Boorstein- Training Update, HRV, Integrated Partials, Supersets For Muscle Growth and more
  3. Episode 341: Q&A – Training To Failure In Your 50s And Beyond, Alcohol Ruining Progress, Lagging Muscle Groups
  4. Episode 340: Why Your Weight Fluctuates From Day To Day
  5. Episode 339: Brandon DaCruz & Jeremiah Bair: Does Zone 2 Cardio Help Muscle Growth, Intuitive Eating For Fat Loss, Our Current Approaches To Training + Nutrition, & More
  6. Episode 338: Q&A – How To Know You're Getting Enough Protein, Assisted Pull-Up Machine, Cardio In A Body Recomp
  7. Episode 337: 7 Reasons Your Legs Are Not Defined
  8. Episode 336: Data Driven Strength – Josh Pelland & Zac Robinson – Training Intensity, Rep Ranges, and Supersets For Muscle Growth
  9. Episode 335: Reverse Dieting Myths, Creatine For Women, Creatine and Weight Gain
  10. Episode 334: 5 Back Training Tips For Muscle Growth

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