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The Mind Muscle Connection is a show dedicated to educating you on applying science-based; training, nutrition, and mindset strategies to help you build a leaner, stronger, and more confident self. Grab some coffee and listen in!

Episode 239: Q&A- When to Mini Cut, Just Cardio for a Deload, How to Cut Back On Sugary Drinks. The Mind Muscle Connection

Apply for 1 on 1 online coaching HERETo get more details click HEREEmail list HEREFollow me on Insta: jeffhoehn_In this episode, I will be answering 3 questions from my Instagram audience. I will be doing these weekly on Monday. Topics:-When is it time to mini cut?-Is it ok to just do cardio during a deload?-How to cut back on sugary drinks. 
  1. Episode 239: Q&A- When to Mini Cut, Just Cardio for a Deload, How to Cut Back On Sugary Drinks.
  2. Episode 238: Should You Be In a Deficit, Maintence, or Surplus to Improve Your Look?
  3. Episode 237: Bryan Boorstein- One-Arm Training Experiment, Unilateral Training, Finding Your Volume, Cables For Hypertrophy, and More.
  4. Episode 236: Q&A- Decreasing Activity Levels But Worried About Weight Gain, Calories During a Deload, Quad Focused Lunges.
  5. Episode 235: 5 Things You Can Do If You Gained Too Much Weight In a Building Phase
  6. Episode 234: Adam Neth- High Volume Versus Low Volume For Muscle Growth, Deloads, Changing Exercises, Progressions, and more.
  7. Episode 233: Q&A- 2 Week Mini Cuts, Protein Timing, Too Much Protein From Bars/Shakes.
  8. Episode 232: 5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Fat Loss Diet
  9. Episode 231: Jordan Lips- Increasing Training Frequency, Keeping in the Same Exercises, Setting Up a Home Gym.
  10. Episode 230: Q&A- Changing Training During a Cut, Gaining Too Much Weight In a Build, Do High Reps Decrease Strength.

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